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Yvonne Oh
24 August 1991
box number one
Konnichiwa! My name is Yvonne. My friends usually call me by von. I'm a great fan of Arashi. Am too a fan of Kinki Kids and V6. Ichibans will be Ohchan, Tsuyoshi, and Okada-kun. I like to sing, dance, eat, sleep and swim.
box number two
Alright, some of you should know that i do subbing. But sad to say that i don't take requests and i don't do it very often. Only when i am really, really free, i do work on random videos. So, sorry to disappoint any of you out there heh. Hees but still i have to thank yall' for the support yeah. Cheers!
box number three
Wow you read all the way till here? Aites then. Below are some places i frequently visit and my personal blog. Also, the crediting of where i got my journal and profile layout from. ((:
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