Yvonne Oh (vonsan) wrote,
Yvonne Oh

Zero Goushitsu no Kyaku 1 & 2 (hardsubbed)

Zero Goushitsu no Kyaku, Ohno's story. 残念ながら, i only can share 2 of out of the 4 subbed parts.

well, if you must know, the other 2 i've lost them due to the crashing of my computer. and i'm stupid enough to not have back-ups. *cries* anyway, go support the other subbers for the rest of the episodes heh! cos' i doubt i'll sub this series again.

Episode 1@ MF
Episode 2 @ MF

A/N: yo my rules are simple! please credit or link back if taking. do not upload them on any streaming site and strictly no claiming as yours.

comments would be lovely but i won't insist you on it. i'm just glad that you're supporting my work.

Tags: !arashi, !ohnosatoshi, !sub
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